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Below, we will analyse the reasons why the NRG-ORION's installations are top quality. The result is photovoltaic plants with increased performance and reduced maintenance (fewer faults) during their twenty (20) year operation. In the following paragraphs, we will enumerate the features of your photovoltaic plant, starting, of course, with the photovoltaic panels, the “heart” of the installation:
Photovoltaic panels

The photovoltaic panels we use are manufactured by the German company SOLON SE. The 100% German company SOLON SE has competitive advantages with respect to both the selection of raw materials and the processes applied for production methods and production control. These advantages make its products around 5% more expensive than other German companies, which is something SOLON SE freely admits to. In particular, the “heart” of the photovoltaic panels – the cell – is made by leading companies in the field, such as Q-Cells, Arise, Soland etc.

The high quality of the other raw materials is guaranteed, since they undergo the strictest testing by SOLON SE. SOLON SE tests its products in special artificial ageing chambers. SOLON SE products undergo simulated ageing of twenty-five (25) years, in variable temperature, humidity and pressure conditions within six (6) weeks. When the artificial ageing process is complete, the raw materials are re-tested for sound operation. Aside from the cells, raw materials include EVA, TEDLAR, glass, Junction Boxes, etc. As an example of the strictness of raw material selections processes, SOLON SE has tested and rejected 95% of the EVA (cells, glass, tedlar, etc. welding material) manufacturers it has interviewed. In practice, this means that other companies (SOLON SE competitors) which use EVA made by the 95% that SOLON SE has rejected – a very large number of companies – will have problems with respect to welding quality and, after a certain period of time (after expiry of the product warranty, not the performance guarantee) there will be various problems due to the influx of air and humidity inside the photovoltaic panel. Of course, investors will be unable to claim compensation, since the product warranty period will have expired. Besides the above issues, on which we could expand even further, there are also differences in the production method and in production control.

One example we can quote is that the two SOLON SE production lines, one in Berlin and the other in Greifswald (North Sea), are 100% automated. Particularly in the segment where cell strings (many cells joined together) are created, the welding is performed by a robot. This contributes to stability with respect to the welding method, and, ultimately, to the creation of high-specification strings. In many companies, particularly Chinese ones, this process is performed manually by workers, with low-quality welding equipment and materials; this entails potential problems after the panels have been operative for a few years. This is also explained by the fact that even if everything is done perfectly, the temperature of the welding tool drops after a certain number of welds, and therefore the last weld is never as good as the first one with respect to quality. Finally, SOLON SE is the only company that applies five (5) production controls (including the flash report), compared to other companies that apply only one (1) control, the flash report.

In addition to all of the above, we must also mention the following:

  1. NRG-ORION has been active in the electrical energy sector since 1999.
  2. ΔThe company has its own excellently-trained scientific and technical staff, who are kept constantly up-to-date with and who monitor developments in the photovoltaic systems market.
  3. The company has entered into strategic partnerships with top-quality manufacturers in the photovoltaic systems sector, thus ensuring significant stocks for 2011.
  4. The company has been certified by TÜV RHEINLAND HELLAS SA in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2008.
  5. NRG-ORION is the only company in Greece with a pilot photovoltaic plant, in view of perfecting the design and controlling the reliability of the companies supplying the photovoltaic systems.
  6. The company has completed and successfully connected 71 projects to the PPC network, with a total capacity of 5.65 MWp. NRG-ORION designs and installs 12 projects with a total capacity of 1041,06kWp. The projects will be connected to the PPC network to the beginning of 2012. The project for the company ΚRONOS SUN ENERGY, with a capacity of 1.5 MWp is the first largest project in Greece with a system to support sun monitoring (1 axis).

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