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NRG-ORION ensures continuous training for its human resources. Nevertheless, in addition to training, the objective of the company is a pilot application of existing photovoltaic technologies under real environmental conditions. Because in a country such as Greece, which is characterized by many hours of sunshine, high temperatures, drought and dust, pilot applications under real environmental conditions, combined with the existence of a meteorological station, contribute significantly to perfecting designs, as arising from various certified simulation programmes. Moreover, the reliability of companies producing photovoltaic systems is cross-checked.

Thus, NRG-ORION has invested about 150,000.00€ of its own capital in the construction of a pilot photovoltaic plant near its facilities in Thessaloniki.

Table 1 shows that the following are monitored at the NRG-ORION photovoltaic plant under real environmental conditions:

  • The distinct behaviour of the photovoltaic panels with the same and different technology, produced by various top manufacturers.
  • To what extent energy production is improved using sun monitoring systems in relation to fixed support systems.
Pilot plant Table 1

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Office, Laboratory & Pilot plant:
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20 Valaoritou str, 546 25, Thessaloniki
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