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Successfully held three-day Science, organized by the Technical Chamber of Greece - Department of Central & Western Thessaly on "Renewable Energy: The position in the new energy landscape the country and the region of Thessaly "in the hotel IMPERIAL 29.30 November and December 1, 2007. The NRG ORION involved as a Sponsor and over the weekend in the company's booth technical the executives discussed and inform visitors of the event Recent developments in the field of photovoltaics and construction solutions proposed by NRG ORION to install photovoltaic parks. Particular interest to investors caused by the announcement of the implementation About the PV 60 kWp power park in the area of Trikala. In event other than academic organizations were represented by speakers and Ministry of Development, the Energy Regulatory Authority, HTSO and Local Government. At the Roundtable held Friday, November 30 was attended by MPs and the Secretary General of the Ministry PE.CHO.DE Mr. Baltas analyzed the key elements of the Law National Spatial Plan is expected to be tabled in parliament immediately and regulates matters of siting renewable energy our country.



NRG-ORION began operations in 1999 and consists of a team of scientists and technicians, which has as its object the application knowledge of cutting-edge features, to optimize the quality voltage and current. The ultimate goal is to save electricity energy and reduce maintenance costs and production. Because of infrastructure available in the electricity sector in 2006 and in response to the incentives for new investment in energy production from photovoltaic systems, NRG-ORION decided to act vigorously in this area, using the existing staff. Gave very wide basis in the sphere of training of technical personnel, but and monitoring of market developments with the main aim ultimately to suggest to prospective clients best, techno-economic, solutions to key priority to quality both in the use of raw materials and in installation. The company has production sites in electrical panels - Field, laboratory research and development (test center), storage spaces, offices in Thessaloniki Vathylakko and offices in Athens. Target The company is providing high quality and value through continuing research and development into new technologies that complement know-how. Equity - The equity accounts of NRG-ORION is 2.48301 million euros it has the opportunity, to continuously invest in research and development of new technologies and secondly, to guarantee the results of operations savings applies. Turnover continued upward trend in 2006 was 1.30148 million euros, up 9% and 65% compared with 2004. Record energy saving projects to date the company has completed successfully engineering projects saving electricity in a wide range of companies covering industrial and commercial sector, Greece, Romania and Cyprus, and undoubtedly holds the first on the list of construction companies that implement energy saving projects electricity. In all works out, there was: l Direct reduction in electricity bill 8-17% l Discharge of all l Reduce facility maintenance costs and increase the production of l life of electrical installation l Increase the pool Between the establishment's clientele NRG-ORION distinguished Companies: Group BIOKARPET, EXALCO AE, GREEK FABRICS SA MILLS LOULA SA FILKERAM - JOHNSON SA, INTERCOMM FOODS SA SEKAP SA AKRITAS SA IASO SA THRACE PALACE AE, KRONOS SA Photovoltaics: Research and development of the NRG-ORION not confine itself to seminars and theoretical knowledge. The aim is to apply the above application which confirmed in practice, taking into account a new virgin territory, Greece. So proceed with investment of EUR 80,000.00 in full equity to install solar park, realizing 11 different "Small farms" in the range from 1,19 - 1,35 kWp each with different solar data and other support systems. Recently, after NRG-ORION inspected successfully received by the body TUV RHEINLAND HELLAS SA certificate quality management system according to international standard ISO: 2000, to high quality services to the client. The NRG-ORION is entered into partnership with leading manufacturers of photovoltaic materials companies systems that will implement pilot quickly in the laboratory of area (test center). It has already signed a photovoltaic system project the company Elafina Ltd., power 100 Kwp. Furthermore, it has taken for large firms technical studies for licensing exemption and production licenses for the total solar parks of more than 25 MWp to be built in the region of Macedonia Thessaly and the Peloponnese. Examples of some these companies: BIOKARPET SA, EXALCO AE, MATASOL SA FOTOENERGEIA Sidirokastrou Inc. etc.

President and CEO of NRG-ORION Mr. Theodosis Matopoulos (Left), with the technical director of the company Mr. S. Bozaktoglou and D / Marketing Manager, Mr. N. Myrrh works at the stand of the company Report ENERGYTECH 07.

"Energy 2007"

"Energy 2007:Renewable Energy - Management & Energy Saving"

held with great success the 2nd International Energy 2007 Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation & Management "in Athens from 18 to 21 October at the Exhibition Centre in Hellexpo Palace Maroussi. The involvement of both exhibitors and visitors was remarkable particularly increased in relation to the first International Exhibition "Energy 2006".

The NRG ORION had a significant presence in the exhibition in one of the most central stands, area 100 m2. At the booth of the company solar cells presented proposed and supplied by NRG ORION top manufacturers like: SANYO, SCHOTT, Solarwatt, Solon, Trina, EPV and Kaneka mounted on a fixed-type support system type "crash barrier", while the eyes of a concentrated attention kinoymeno system support two pillars of the German SOLAR TRAK. While booth one could observe and be informed about new SMA inverter company in 8000 TL. Finally, customers of the company and a large number of visitors discussed the report and updated the technical staff of NRG ORION for all stages of building a solar park, specificities and possible technical problems will face at each stage of manufacture.


Photovoltaic Systems Research & Development

The NRG-ORION does not confine itself seminars and theoretical knowledge. The aim is to apply the above application which is confirmed in fact considering a new virgin territory, Greece. One country characterized by sunshine and a high temperature, drought and dust. A country where the application of such systems have not place in medium and large scale yet. Proceed with an investment of order of D 80000.00 only equity installing photovoltaic Park, realizing 11 different "small farms" in the range from 1.19 to 1.35 kWp each.

Electricity savings in buildings

Systems & Procedures night Consumption

Given that dangerous spikes will occur noon, should be a concerted effort to transfer cargo at night. There are already systems savings "cold", not very expensive and complex, which can achieve a significant reduction in the peak. There are also a series of conscious choices that, when applied by many consumers will work very positively. It ie a responsible explain to housewives (and their employees in the private and especially public) that the space is ventilated in the morning (never noon). More useful would be someone to talk to the selective shade and should convey the message that running air conditioning misanoikta windows are rash actions, "rich" and antisocial people ... Also necessary, especially in public buildings, to place limits low temperatures for the regulation of air conditioning. Too low Temperatures in some places is not only economically destructive and endanger the health of those who come into contact sequence the polar cold indoors with the heat of the Environment (Thermal shock ")... In an effort to inform citizens, of course will be dominant role of the media Enough not dragged into extremism, populism and coarse exaggeration, as is unfortunately accustomed. ROLE RES RES Those facilities can be operated in time course and should be exploited to the maximum extent possible. This summer unique opportunity to vindicate their visionary pioneers who the installer. Even some "unfortunate" choice is an opportunity to help reduce problems during peak hours and reduce damage caused by the Greek Government, namely the Greek taxpayer ... The makers of PPC should prepare realistic plans for utilization of existing facilities and to coordinate - maximize operation and efficiency. Maybe it's an opportunity to examine and the reopening of some "abandoned" systems, always But with realistic techno-economic criteria. We left last SAVINGS The first and most effective factor: the savings. Already made some reports, leading to reduced consumption, especially with concrete human activities. But the problem of electricity savings buildings are very important and multifaceted. "Ecological behavior" Because, in our humble opinion, the effort to protect the environment not only screams but must occur with a similar behavior, it is necessary to know some basic principles are all "eco- Conduct. "Major environmental organizations have already important in shaping ideas and formulate realistic proposals for behaviors that lead to low energy consumption, without compromising the quality of life and comfort. Avoiding waste in water consumption, air conditioning, transportation and many others seem small can significantly reduce electricity consumption energy in all our interests. Cosine Correction As mentioned reduction of losses due to reactive power and unwanted harmonics, particularly industry but also in some large facilities may reduce significant consumption of electricity. In this matter the k.Sot. Bozaktsoglou (1) E. Eng. Technical Director of NRG ORION, states: (1) [interesting speech in the "EnergyRes '07" which we hope that will give us permission to publish it all on our next issue] - In a typical electrical installation there are big energy losses (From 10% to 25% of the actual energy requirement). - Losses These mostly occur in engines, transformers, cables, electric distribution boards, switch - relay and lighting installations. - Losses are due to the phenomenon joule, the "skin effect" phenomenon neighborhood, the eddy currents and magnetic hysteresis losses. According the speaker an integrated intervention to reduce losses include phases: - Capturing data and specific problems. - Inventory Installation - Design - Implementation The "census" includes a facility information: - Identification of power transformers - Lengths and profiles Cable - Number of wires that run along a grid - Registered details Engine - Running time of different electrical loads - monorail draft facility - Signs that are mounted inverter and soft starter - Data for lighting and other consumption measurements and records: - Active power and reactive power (rms value and waveforms) - Apparent power (rms value and waveforms) - Voltage and current (active price and waveforms) - the whole spectrum of harmonics up to 35th - Power factor cosf inactive and total power factor - Measurement all loads and power transformers Study - Theory simulation based on census data and measurements - Tracking difficulty of data installation - Scenario interventions - New theoretical simulation - Corrective - Final simulation - Calculation saving energy and KMZ - Final study Calculation of electromagnetic Field and losses - losses joule - skin effect - Phenomenon neighborhood - eddy currents - magnetic hysteresis losses proposed solution Mr. Bozaktsoglou includes the steps of: - Improving the quality voltage and current leads to: - no currents in the inactive plant - Reduction of energy losses. Moderate epidermal phenomenon neighborhood problem, eddy current and magnetic hysteresis - Minimize voltage falls - Adapting to the engine load, perfect mode engine - The results are saving surgery - Relief the neutral conductor - Discharge Transformers - Better service installation - Reduced energy consumption - Reduce the maximum power demand - reduce damage and maintenance needs - Increase the pool installation



company NRG-ORION is already a decade in space-saving electricity and last years in the design and installation Photovoltaic power generation. In the area of power with photovoltaic systems, NRG-ORION, with President and CEO the k.Theodosi Matopoulo is an authorized distributor in Greece of IBC SOLAR, one of the largest German photovoltaic installations worldwide. Specifically, the NRG-ORION responsible for: o The study design and installation of photovoltaic park. o The installation of telemetry system for monitoring energy performance and maintenance of the park. o consultancy services on renewable energy studies and submission of all applications required (RAE New Development Act, PPC). Until today NRG-ORION entered the studies for a exemption permits and production licenses for the total solar parks of more than 25 MWp to be built in the region of Thessaly, the Peloponnese and Macedonia. On saving electricity energy company engaged in:

oErefna, development, design, formulation and implementation of innovative interventions to optimize the quality of voltage and current. Among the interventions These are: compensation lTopiki engine S / D. lTopiki compensation Soft Starter motor lEgkatastasi active and passive harmonic filters Power oYpiresies consultant on electricity, such as: lElenchos Flow network - network simulation lElenchos selective cooperation instruments protection lSchediasi automation lAnalysi harmonics pollution Network The company has completed successful technical projects saving electricity to a wide range of companies covering industrial and commercial sector in Greece, Romania and Cyprus, and certainly ranked first in the list of engineering firms that implement Energy-saving projects. All projects were executed, Achieved: lAmesi reduce electricity bill 8% - 17% lApofortisi the entire plant lMeiosi maintenance costs and production lAfxisi the lifespan of the electrical installation lAfxisi mode installation company is a member of the group I. MATOPOULOS SA Founded in 1990 and who is also active in export commerce company SWEET HARVEST and hotel business KAZAVITI through the company. Today the company's stock is 2,483,010 €, while turnover is consistently increasing and 2006 was: 1,301,480 €, an increase of 9% compared with 2005 and 65% compared with 2004. Among the clientele of distinguished NRG-ORION Companies: BIOKARPET SA, EXALCO AE, GREEK FABRICS SA MILLS LOULA SA FILKERAM - JOHNSON AE, INTERCOMM FOODS AE, SEKAP SA AKRITAS SA IASO SA THRACE PALACE SA KRONOS SA About NRG-ORION had a significant presence in all the exhibitions Last year in Greece concerning energy saving and renewable energy sources. So in Athens participated in the ENERGY 2006, the report EnergyRes which was the official sponsor, the Thessaloniki International Fair in EnergyTech, while the central part booth at the Energy in October 2007 in Athens.

Energy Tech

1st International Trade Fair Refrigeration, Heating, & Conventional Renewable Energy

the third consecutive participation in an exhibition on Renewable Energy by the company NRG-ORION in Thessaloniki in 1 Ekthesis International Refrigeration, Heating, Conventional and Renewable Energy EnergyTech on March 28 to April 1. The pavilion NRG-ORION visited the company's customers not only from Northern Greece but also from Thessaly, Epirus and the islands mainly discussed the latest developments in the field of solar energy paragogis systems. The NRG-ORION, an authorized distributor of German company IBC SOLAR in Greece has a wide variety of products and the expertise of a large German company that has created large power projects worldwide. The NRG-ORION building cooperation is able to offer any technical solution can implemented in a solar park. At the booth of the exhibition presented also found great acceptance of the proposal by NRG-ORION and company FRIGOLAND to save energy in refrigeration systems, which has already implemented and working successfully in many companies in Greece and Cyprus.


1st International Exhibition on Energy Saving and Renewable Energy

had an important presence in the company NRG-ORION in the 1st International Exhibition on Energy Saving And Renewable Energy Sources in Greece and SE Europe in the name EnergyReS '07, held in Athens from 8 to March 11 Exhibition Centre in the former East Airport in Greek.

The report launched by Development Minister Dimitris Sioufas, who visited the booth of the company and had a brief discussion the administration of NRG-ORION. The company's booth was in most central point of the exhibition center and in the pavilion establish a special area for presentations and meetings with customers company.

The NRG-ORION, an authorized distributor for the company IBC SOLAR Greece has a wide variety of products and technology major German company to produce solar energy systems. In the report on workshops held The Technical Director of the company, Mr. Sotiris Bozaktsoglou presented and analyzed the theme: "Saving Electricity in Industry". Also at the conference at 11.3 Promotion Project Officer Ms Todi Theodora made a detailed presentation of the company's dynamic presence at saving energy and production projects Photovoltaic systems.

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